The Helanca mordoré remake

1- The material

Here is a picture of a piece of the roll (width 1m50) that was produced in the summer 2007 by the austrian factory.

Technically speaking, this remake is really a big achievement: the helanca pattern, irregular and presenting shades and volume, was especially difficult to copy.


Here a picture showing a comparison between the original material (front of the pciture), out of a 58 DS, and, in the back, the piece of the Austrian roll.

Really good work from the Austrians, don't you think? You can hardly tell any difference.

And of course the remade material (made in a factory which produces today's cars seats) is treated for UV, humidity, and will be far more resistant than the original.

2- pictures of cars made with my material

Follow these links to see three results with my material:

Résultat 1: l'ID 1958 capucine de Mathias

Résultat 2: l'ID 1959 noire de Jean-Michel

Resultat 3: l'ID 1958 de Florian

Please contact me, and bring the information to owners of cars with destroyed mordoré seats!