The blue Helanca remake

1- The material

Here is the roll produced by the austrian factory.

I matched it hundred times with my original helanca spocks, and it's just perfect (pattern, shades, colour)..
And of course, as it was made in a factory which produces the seats for today's cars, this material is more resisant than the original, and he's also protected agains UV and humidity.

This remake is a true success.

2- cars made with my material

Here are some cars made with my material:

Result 1: the back of the front seat of Jan-Luc's 1960 ID

Result 2: Thierry's 1961 DS19

Result 3: Jean's 1961 ID

Result 4: the 1962 C60 prototype (Citroën conservatory)

Result 5: Jörg's 196O ID 19 Familiale

Result 6: Alexander's 1962 ID

Result 7: Thomas's 1961 DS

Result 8: 1960 Safari in Italy

Result 9: Paul-Henri's 1962 DS