Interesting D Models in Australia and New Zealand

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Here is my jewels gallery of the deep south.
Click on the picture of the car to get some detailed information.

You might also have great interest for this census:
Aussie Frogs longstroke census
1956 DS No 9/567 275 1956 DS No 9/567 280

1957 DS No 9/57 0660

ID 1960

1962 break (Slough)

1962 ID "Parisienne" Donat Tahiraj

1964 ID Parisienne 1974 DS23 "Safari"
Running cars, but i have only one picture: there is nothing to click..  
1958 ID No 9/58 5338 Roger Brundle break 1962
DS 1957 9/57 1097 (AP547 -> CZJ672) DS Slough 1957
And some wrecks waiting for their hour in NZ: