This gorgeous ID 1962 "Parisienne" is located in Brisbane, Australia. She was painted in 2005 in "Ecaille blonde", which was not her original colour (this colour was not offered by Dulux for Australia)



Her original colour was "222 4323". See the list of ID Parisienne colours, 4323 should be Boulogne Green, even if she was Angora White before getting Ecaille blonde.

Boulogne green would be a nice explanation for the colour of the seats that we will discover...

Just a confirmation (as seen on the "ID19 Parisienne" file), the Engine number was used as body number ("BODY" on the serail plate. For french models there are two different numbers.
Boulogne Green...would nicely match with these green seats! But i like it also very much with écaille blonde! the seats were reupholstered as they were originally.
The Dashboard  
No watch. Like ID "Luxe" in France.

The platic carpet has to get a hole for the accelerator pedal.

In France there is no hole (of course all the pedals are at the left hand side, so the accelerator pedal is in the center area, and the carpet makes an edge)

The "hot country" oil filter. And the rare writings for the hydraulic fluid!