BX 9489

Property of Roger Brundle, here is a 1956 DS, number 9/56275

(the 275th produced in Slough, in 1956 or 1957: there is a / through the 6 and there is a 7 stamped above on the chassis plate, making it a '57 year car: "9/57 275" ...)

She started her life in New Zealand, and was imported in Australia for restauration by Roger.

This car was pre-ordered, but it was the first DS19 into the area, so Citroen Motors Napier probably wanted to show it off for a while in the showroom (assuming they had one).
The colour was (and will be again) Hilux Thundercloud Grey, with Regal Red roof and B,C pillars. The seats were red leather with dove grey leather inserts (duotone).
On the Purchaser's copy of the original order dated 30 November 1956 this body colour scheme is reversed ie Regal Red with a Thundercloud Grey roof. He may have had a bit of a surprise when it arrived.

Here a picture of the day when her "Thundercloud Grey" colour , with "Regal Red" roof appeared out of the dark, somewhere in New Zealand. (circa 1977)

Here a more precise vision of the Thundercloud grey.
Please notice the chalk reading "275".
And this is taken near the end of her restauration (the bonnet was not repainted)  
Below is another car form Wen Zealand which is also, i think, Thundercloud grey